Click here to obtain a link for your browser bookmark bar for the 2017 Version of Sam Kaplan's AARP TaxAide TaxHelper. Much of the documentation is still relevant to tax year 2016 but will be updated as 2017 information becomes available.

This is a 2-page matrix of links to many sources of tax information. It is useful for obtaining quick help when preparing Federal and NY taxes, particularly for tax counselors using TaxSlayer software. The entries in this tool are organized with a sequence similar to that used by TaxSlayer and in approximate line order of forms 1040 and IT-201.

After selecting a link, you can go back to the main page by using your browser "back" button.

Some considerations:

1.  Internet Explorer:  TaxHelper software works well with the Internet Explorer browser using the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC plugin. When displaying files in the browser window, in order to prevent the right hand pane from repeatedly appearing, you must make the following change in the Preferences:

I would appreciate any feedback you might have.  If you do have issues running this software (e.g., improper rendering of pages, broken links, etc.), please let me know which browser you are using and send screenshots, if possible.  Also, I would appreciate any suggestions for improving this tool.

Sam Kaplan (
Webster, NY Instructor and ERO