NY3 Tax-Aide

The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program is in place to provide peace of mind and economic benefits to taxpayers, families, communities, and partners. To accomplish this approximately 35,000 volunteers provide free in-person tax assistance in all 50 states at nearly 5000 sites

The New York State portion of the program is broken down into four areas and altogether have assisted taxpayers in preparing over 87,000 federal and state tax returns this past tax season.

 Our area serves 27 Counties in Eastern New York.  Over 750 volunteers working at 127 sites have assisted taxpayers in preparing over 29,000 Federal and State returns that were e-filed on their behalf. The average Adjusted Gross income for these returns is in the neighborhood of $29,000. The combined value of the following credits exceeded $6.5 million with the total refund in excess of $29.7 million.
• Earned Income Tax Credit
• Child Tax Credit
• Education Credits
• Elderly Credit

Many thanks to our volunteers and partners in the community for making this program a success.

Edward Hogarty
NY3 State Coordinator
AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program