Technology Session Presentations – November 15, 2017

The Presentations on TaxSlayer changes are in two presentations:  

.  There is some duplication of information.

Multi-Factor Authentication is explained in 

The role of Technology related volunteers is covered by 

The description of the On-Line Inventory System (OIS) is in 

. You must have the role of Technology Coordinator to access this system, but, everyone can view the presentation.

The Tax-Aide Inventory Agent (TIA) installed in all AARP owned computers is described in 

.  An example showing the data from OIS, including TIA data is here 

The TIA program includes the Net Agent Data function to collect data on the types of networks being used for the Tax-Aide program 

The computer and printer replacement and repair program is explained in 

General descriptions of the types of networks that should be used is covered by 

 and using printers on networks is covered by 

The Security responsibilities are described in 

The description of the 2017 images available are covered in 

.  The AARP program is encouraging upgrading to Windows 10, but, there are some older systems, described, therein that should remain at Windows 7.  Vista and Windows 8 are no longer supported by AARP.

And finally, when you are faced with a difficult problem, you can follow this flow chart