NYS – Tax Year 2017 driver license or state identification information

  • For married filing joint returns, information is now required for both the primary taxpayer and spouse. If a taxpayer has been issued a driver license or state identification card, they are required to provide that information to be entered into the software.
  • Taxpayers must provide the ID number, issuing state, issuing date, and expiration date for all licenses or identification cards. If the taxpayer license/ID is a New York State driver license or non-driver ID, the first three characters of the document number found on the license/ID must also be entered.
  • In the event that a taxpayer does not have a driver license or state-issued ID, you will be prompted by the software to indicate this. If the taxpayer does not have either a driver license or state-issued ID, or is deceased, marking the check box indicating that they have neither will fulfill the requirement.
  • We require the collection of certain driver license or state-issued ID information as an additional identity verification measure. Having this information collected each year, and not retained or transferred from the prior year, ensures that the information is current and continues to be a useful identity check.
  • If the taxpayer refuses to provide the information, the tax preparer should mark the check box indicating that the taxpayer has neither, and keep contemporaneous notes regarding the good faith effort to collect the client information, if we were to ask.

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