TaxSlayer Enhancements Status Report Updates

Here is the most current information on the TaxSlayer software enhancements from the IRS.

The two spreadsheets contain a list of federal and state enhancements.  At this time, the spreadsheets only include the enhancements that are considered implemented in tax year 2016, adopted for tax year 2017, or closed.

For your convenience, the tabs for each spreadsheet with updates are highlighted.  Within each spreadsheet all updates have also been highlighted to separate them from the previous report that was shared on 7/12/2017.  Items highlighted in “gray” were shared on 7/12/2017. Items highlighted in “peach” are new updates for this week.

Closed enhancements fall into several categories:

  • In Production– Has been added to the 2016 software
  • Production Ready– Will be added in the 2017 software
  • No Development Action Required Requested or similar feature already exists in the software
  • Not Implementing– Programming changes could impact other features and/or the operation of the software as intended


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