Volunteer Feedback on TaxSlayer Production System

Feedback continues in the comments.

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25 Responses to Volunteer Feedback on TaxSlayer Production System

  1. Kaye Curry says:

    When a User who is not an ERO completes the QR on a return, the message at the top of the page in a pink box states “You can’t efile.” This message does not mean the return cannot be efiled, only that the User cannot efile.

  2. Kaye Curry says:

    It appears that if you create a Taxpayer Profile that you can select the form (ie. 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ) for the return.

  3. Kaye Curry says:

    As of this morning, the Tax Preparers’ name no longer appears on the NY Return. However, the Tax Preparer email still prints on the bottom the last page of the NY201

  4. Kaye Curry says:

    In the required custom questions and associated answers section, for the Quality Reviewer answers, I suggest adding “A QR Pending”. In order to get to the checkbox “Ready for Review,” an answer must be provided. Offering the pending review option prevents putting in someone’s initials in order to get past this question.

  5. Kaye Curry says:

    Admin user can create returns if you assign that user to Assistant Admin profile that you created.

  6. Kaye Curry says:

    A Deactivated return can be reactivated, contrary to the info we were given.

  7. Kaye Curry says:

    YIKES!!! Make sure you edit the ERO configuration. Your personal phone number will end up printing on the 1040 if you don’t.

  8. Kaye Curry says:

    Saturday TSO completely shut down. I just hope that this isn’t a hint of what things will be like come February 1st. It appears that there is no support available on Saturday.

  9. Frank Machung says:

    Is it acceptable TAX AIDE policy to redact the email address on the IT-201 before providing it to the client? Or is that a NY STATE Revenue requirement?
    This item appeared on T-VOG.

  10. Larry lichten says:

    Currently forms 8962 and 8965 are not part of the ‘master’ print package and therefore also cannot be included in any custom print set. Taxslayer is aware of the problem.

  11. admin says:

    Yes it is acceptable to redact the email address prior to providing it to the client

  12. Kaye Curry says:

    ALL NYS returns filed this week have rejected! Reject code R0800: Paid Preparer Name or SSN/PTIN blank or incorrectly formatted.

  13. Kaye Curry says:

    Foreign address postal code not accepted. Taxslayer notified on Saturday. Still not corrected.

  14. Kaye Curry says:

    TaxSlayer says the problem with the NYS rejects may take a couple of days to a couple of weeks to fix! This is not acceptable. It was working fine last week.

  15. Kaye Curry says:


  16. Frank Machung says:

    For NYS returns are volunteers required to enter into Tax Slayer driver license information.

  17. Kaye Curry says:


  18. Kaye Curry says:

    More NYS Returns rejected again today! Why submit returns to the state before the problem is corrected? We now have 167 rejected NYS returns out of a total 343 NYS returns! I don’t know yet if I will need to open and reapprove each of these returns to retransmit myself or not. Big Problem!!!

  19. Kaye Curry says:

    I just checked to see if anyone can open a return for review even if they are not given the ability to see other returns in the preparer set-up. The answer is YES!!! If the return appears in the “Review Returns” tab, then anyone can open any of the returns.

  20. Kaye Curry says:

    NYS Returns are now being accepted.

  21. Frank Machung says:

    e-mail extract:
    Volunteers are not exempt from entering the NY Driver License or State issued ID. NYS is requiring the information this year. Thanks.

    Michelle Duchowny
    Outreach Specialist, Outreach & Education Services

    New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
    W A Harriman Campus, Building 9, Room 161 Albany NY 12227
    (518) 453-5382 or (518) 419-0340 cell

  22. admin says:

    Comment from Barbara Kaiser:
    In Office Setup, if you have the box checked for “Offer 8888” you cannot do direct debit. Well, technically you can, but the date that appears for the withdrawal is the date you do the return. First, you do not want that date on a state return as state returns do not get accepted until the following day. Additionally, most taxpayers do not want the money withdrawn so soon. That box must be unchecked for the proper form to come up and for us to able to put a date in for when the taxpayer wants the withdrawal from their account. That box in Office Setup should only be checked if the taxpayer wants to split their refund between two or three accounts. Since I have never had that request I will be leaving the box unchecked.

  23. admin says:

    NYS Drivers License or State Issued ID (Clarification)
    Although it still says State ID optional if the Taxpayer does not have the required ID you need to select ‘not available’ from the TYPE pull down or you cannot efile the return

  24. Bill Tuel says:

    Frank M…… posting for Bill’s suggestion

    On Monday, February 6, 2017 11:43 AM, Bill Tuel wrote:

    I just tried Production TS — using the Archer scenario. In the Health Insurance section:

    1) It asks before you enter any 1095-A data, whether you are required to repay all of your
    Excess APTC received?

    I’m only guessing that this question wants to know if your MAGI is > 400% of FPL,
    or if you are MFS, both pieces of information that TS already has. And the question
    is asked too soon.

    2) More importantly,
    IF you don’t supply data on the screen that asks for LCBP and SLCSP, then a following
    screen announces that you qualify for a Marketplace Affordability Exemption based on the
    worksheet, and asks if you want to take it. If you say yes, it ignores that, and charges you the SRP
    for the months that you don’t have insurance and might have qualified for another exemption.

    So, I recommend to tell our conselors:

    1) The answer to the question 1) above is NO
    2) Fill in the LCBP and SLCSP premium info for NY State, or answer NO to the question about
    wanting to take the Affordability Exemption.

    Bill Tuel

  25. Larry Lichten says:

    According to TS today, NY returns that are submitted do not show up anywhere to check status until you get an acknowledgement. The returns are supposed to show up under transmitted returns. They said they are working on a solution.

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